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The Elder Society provides education, assisted living and hospice care for rescued senior/elder pets!

The purpose of Elder Society is to highlight the importance of senior pet care, advocate on behalf of senior pets, and work to find loving homes for rescued senior pets to live out their retirement in comfort.

When you become a Noah’s Ark Society Guardian Angel by signing up to make monthly donations, you’re providing gifts that can be used by animals in their hours of need. Guardian Angels are special members of the Elder Society, because their gifts are continuous and steady. Help animals all year round by making a monthly gift today.

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Sponsor Jade!

Breed: Akita

Age: 14 years

How Jade became a member of the Elder Society: Jade was surrendered to a shelter by her owners last year because she was getting too old and sick.  Jade was heartbroken and left all alone, luckily a volunteer at the shelter reached out to Noah’s Ark Society and we were able to place her with an amazing foster mom in no time. Madison the foster mom has given Jade a happy and loving home to spend her remaining years.  All though she came with her issues, Madison has done everything in her power to make sure Jade will be the happiest she can for the rest of her life!

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SPONSOR Pretty Girl! 

Breed: Terrier mix

Age: 13 years

How Pretty Girl became a member of the Elder Society: Unimaginable Pretty Girl’s family dropped her off with an acquaintance while on vacation and never came back for her.  Out of the kindness of her heart, Elizabeth took Pretty Girl into her family with the help of Noah’s Ark Society. She recently got a fellow senior brother to run the yard with her and is enjoying her life to the fullest.

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Sponsor Bert!

Breed: Lab / Hound mix

Age: 13 years

How Bert became a member of the Elder Society: Tick tock tick tock, Bert was almost out of time but because we have such a strong community he was saved in the nick of time. Sarah a previous adopter saw our plea to save Bert and she saved his life, he is now in loving caring home enjoying the remaining years of his life!

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SPONSOR buddy! 

Breed: Collie / Cocker Spaniel mix

Age: 10 years

How Buddy became a member of the Elder Society: Sometimes hardships happen at the right time for the right reasons. Buddy, a senior living with a family in Kentucky who had seen at least 2 homes already, came to our attention when the family who currently had him was going through major prolonged financial difficulties as well as a move to a faraway state. It broke their hearts to have to reach out to us, but it was something they had to do for the health and happiness of Buddy.  From that moment on buddy was family!

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