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Alice, a recent widow living in Franklin, TN, who also had recently lost her spaniel, happened to see our plea for the perfect home for Buddy to live out the rest of his life. She stated her home was “just too quiet” and had considered adopting a dog some time in her future, but had no idea that the perfect dog for her was going to present himself so soon. Arrangements were made for Alice to take in Buddy. But Buddy was in Kentucky and Alice was in Tennessee.

Living in Chicago I decided to make a spontaneous road trip to Nashville to visit friends, and inquired with the founder of Noah’s Ark Society if any dogs needed transporting that particular weekend. “You always seem to call at the right time,” Lori stated. Buddy and Buddy’s family met with the volunteer for transport to Tennessee just two days later.

The surrender at that McDonald’s parking lot was extremely emotional. One of Buddy’s family members was only 8 years old, and it was hard for him to grasp letting go of the only consistent friend he had had all his life. I knew exactly what the little boy was going through, as I had to surrender my own dog to a family member when she was just 7 because of a move that would take me to another country. It was this story that was able to bring just a little comfort to the boy.

Buddy jumped up into the front seat of my car. The little boy gave his dog one last kiss and pet on the head, while he tried his best to hold back tears. His mother, who was trying to hold it together for her child, shed long tears down her face as she said her last goodbyes to the dog she states was the best dog she has ever had.

Buddy was without anxiety on the car ride to Tennessee. He rested his head on the center console as I adorned him with love and affection. It was late and dark when Buddy and I arrived to meet Alice in his new home, but that didn’t matter to anyone. Alice had set up Buddy’s new bed, food and water bowls, and had treats ready for him on the counter. Buddy laid at Alice’s feet as if he had done so for years and she talked to him in a soft voice that he loved and intently listened to. It was clear this was a match made in heaven.

Everything happens for a reason, Alice and Buddy will go on to live a very happy life together.

-Sophie, Transporter


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