Noah’s Ark Society Foster Care

What is a Noah’s Ark Society foster?

Noah’s Ark Society foster homes provide temporary housing and care for animals affiliated within the organization. It is a low-cost way to help save an animal’s life.

How Does it Work?

You can contribute to animal care in several ways through Noah’s Ark Society. Foster homes are needed for short term and long term as well as emergency care. A short term foster provides temporary housing and care for animals for no more than 10 days. This provides Noah’s Ark Society coordinators somewhere to place an overflow animal while searching for new homes and/or long term fosters. It is also somewhere an animal can be housed if long-term fosters are away. A short term foster may be first contact for an animal pulled from a shelter or found. Unless otherwise discussed, the animal(s) in care will be moved to another home after 10 days. A long term foster provides housing and care for animals indefinitely. This is a home Noah’s Ark Society coordinators can depend on to keep animals until the animal is adopted. Homes that provide emergency care are needed to help nurse injured or sick animals back to a healthy state. They may be used as nurseries for puppies or kittens and will work directly with Noah’s Ark Society coordinators for necessary veterinary assistance. Housing and care at these homes is often indefinite. More experienced fosters with additional animal care experience may be required in many of these homes.

Can a Noah’s Ark Society foster home adopt an animal in care?

In home foster adoptions are most appreciated. A wonderful home for an animal is never frowned upon. However, foster homes are encouraged to find other homes for animals in care to continue helping more animals.

What are the responsibilities of a Noah’s Ark Society foster?
  • Provide temporary housing and care for foster animal(s).
  • Provide medication, daily care and/or special care as necessary.
  • Potty train, leash train, and crate train as necessary.
  • Teach basic socialization and commands as necessary.
  • Provide daily or weekly updates for websites, blogs, and social media.
  • Transport animal for vet appointments and affiliated adoption events.
What We Provide for Our Foster Providers
  • Tags and Collars
  • Shirts or Bandanas
  • Veterinary Care Assistance
  • Bags of Food
  • Toys, Dishes & Incidentals
How do I get started to become a Noah’s Ark Society foster?

Fill out one of the online foster applications from the list below, and a Noah’s Ark Society coordinator will contact you about orientation training and more. To learn more about foster care, please review our Foster Care Q&A.

Foster Care Applications:


To learn more about fostering or to ask us any questions you might have, please feel free to email us at: