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Noah’s Ark Society began in 2011. We started with humble beginnings and laid a foundation that would serve as an asset to the Nashville community for years to come!

2011-2012: 29 animals rescued. 29 animals placed into forever homes

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2012 was a big year for Noah’s Ark Society! Not only did we begin our equine/livestock division during this period, but we also saw an influx of animals in our care due greatly to several high profile animal seizure cases where we partnered with the community to rehab and rehome the animals in the poorest of conditions. We wouldn’t be surprised if 2012 was when Noah’s Ark Society first showed up on your radar—It was a fantastic growth period for us and led us into the next chapter of our mission!

2012-2013: 49 animals rescued. 49 animals placed into forever homes

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2013 was a whirlwind to say the least! What really stands out in our minds about this calendar year is the joy we received by witnessing the fruits of our labors come to fruition. It seemed like every other day we would receive a new picture or video of a Noah’s Ark Society alum now in their forever home constantly getting happier and healthier by the day! We make sure to keep relationships with all Noah’s Ark Society animals throughout the course of their lives, and we never get tired of the updates we receive!

2013-2014: 55 animals rescued. 55 animals placed into forever homes

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We are not certain what 2014 will hold for the Noah’s Ark Society just yet, but we do have some massive plans! Make sure to stay up-to-date on the trajectory of Noah’s Ark Society by “liking” us on Facebook and checking us out regularly at