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Noah’s Ark Society began in 2011. We started with humble beginnings and laid a foundation that would serve as an asset to the Nashville community for years to come!

2011-2012: 29 animals rescued. 29 animals placed into forever homes

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2012 was a big year for Noah’s Ark Society! Not only did we begin our equine/livestock division during this period, but we also saw an influx of animals in our care due greatly to several high profile animal seizure cases where we partnered with the community to rehab and rehome the animals in the poorest of conditions. We wouldn’t be surprised if 2012 was when Noah’s Ark Society first showed up on your radar—It was a fantastic growth period for us and led us into the next chapter of our mission!

2012-2013: 49 animals rescued. 49 animals placed into forever homes

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2013 was a whirlwind to say the least! What really stands out in our minds about this calendar year is the joy we received by witnessing the fruits of our labors come to fruition. It seemed like every other day we would receive a new picture or video of a Noah’s Ark Society alum now in their forever home constantly getting happier and healthier by the day! We make sure to keep relationships with all Noah’s Ark Society animals throughout the course of their lives, and we never get tired of the updates we receive!

2013-2014: 55 animals rescued. 55 animals placed into forever homes

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In 2014 and 2015, Noah’s Ark Society found its niche: helping special needs animals that may be too costly for other area rescues. For these hurt, vulnerable and endangered animals, the process of recovery doesn’t stop with rescue; behavioral, health or emotional problems mean that we are engaged throughout the journey to find these pets homes that will meet their unique needs. These cases include bottle babies, Parvo pups, wheelchair-bound animals, amputees, heartworm positive pets, seniors, the sight and/or hearing impaired, and more.

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In 2016, Noah’s Ark Society realized that there is a greater need in our area for an all-animal sanctuary, a place of safety and refuge where animals can rehabilitation before being placed in foster care. In order to make this dream a reality, we began the “quiet phase” of our capital campaign. In this phase, we built our business plan, began to make connections with influential friends in the community and prepared to pitch the idea that we believe will benefit the lives of all of the Noah’s Ark Society animals.

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In 2017, our volunteers were looking to create something different, something unique for the public to learn about Noah’s Ark Society.  We wanted a more accessible way to help our homeless pets be adopted and at the same time educate people on healthier pet food and products.  Noah’s Ark Society Center, a Retail and Rescue store front was created and launched!

Noah’s Ark Society Center, is a fresh and innovative way to connect both the rescue world and adopter world and to help all homeless animals find their furever homes!  It is a natural way for us to be able tell our mission and purpose to all; who we are, what we are doing, and why we are doing it.

Noah’s Ark Society Center is run by volunteers.  100% of proceeds benefit the animals in the Noah’s Ark Society family.

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2018 was our biggest and most successful year for Noah’s Ark Society.

Noah’s Ark Society Center, our retail and rescue store front, out grew the 900 square ft space it previously occupied.  Our volunteers again got together and decided that we needed the growth and specialized retail spaces. We added an additional retail storefront for “All Things Dog” and designated our previous store for “All Things Cat”.

With the additional retail space, we were able to add more healthy treats, more durable toys, more natural foods, more everything.  We designed and built a self-wash for the dogs and are in the process of building a Cattery for cat lovers to congregate!  We also created a “Some Things Human” merchandise area so that our humans could shop for themselves as well!

We strongly feel this resulted in a win win for everyone.  The revamped Noah’s Ark Society Center for “All Things Dog and Some Things Human” and All Things Cat and Some Things Humans” became a rousing success!

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Gayle’s place…  In 2017, we received a heartbreaking email, from Gary who is Gayle’s brother.  Its message mentioned that his sister had passed and she had a few cats that needed our help.  Gary lived in another state, and just couldn’t bring his sister’s cats home with him.  Our feline rescue team jumped to action and headed out to Gayle’s house to see what we could do.  Not realizing what we would find…it has taken us 2 years to make head way into providing a safe and nurturing home for her cats.

Currently being a smaller rescue, and receiving donations largely from individuals, we were worried if we had the means necessary to provide a good home and livelihood for Gayle’s cats just like she wanted for them.  We are proud the answer to that was YES!!

Here we are in 2019 and we are able give Gayle’s cats a place to call home and be able to give the cats of Noah’s Ark Society a temporary home until they find their furever homes!

The future home of Noah’s Ark Society Kitten Nursery. Stay tuned!

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Our hopes for 2020… we are currently gathering resources to hit the ground running on our working sanctuary. The property that we have selected– pre-fitted with facilities that suit our needs, including a cattery and stables– would allow us to begin working with animals and the people who love them as soon as we sign the dotted line. In order to that, we are diligently meeting with potential donors in the latest step of our campaign.