cheatham county

Noah’s Ark Society supports Cheatham County Animal Control, located just to the west of the Nashville area in Pegram, TN.  Cheatham County Animal Control is a county government facility that receives nearly 2200 animals a year with room to house only 50 at a time.  With a very small staff and a very limited budget, their four staff members tirelessly clean, feed, treat, bathe, do intake, answer phones, and make onsite calls for: animals running at large, cruelty, neglect, and all other issues. The staff also works to save every animal possible and see that they get a bright, shining new future in a forever home.  They rely on rescues, adopters, donations and education to do the very best they can to care for the many, many animals received.  The care and compassion they show to each animal in their care truly makes this an outstanding shelter.  We also love that they strive to meet the definition of a “no-kill” shelter and that their director says his animals “don’t have expiration dates.”  You can check them out at ccactn.com.



Noah’s Ark Society is very happy to be partnered with YANA House. An organization for women in Nashville that provides a supporting living environment for those going through the process of recovering from addiction. YANA houseemphasizes the importance of recovery and as a part of that process many members of the YANA house have dedicated their time to helping at Noah’s Ark Society. YANA house is a very important part of the Nashville community and their mission continues to positively affect the lives of many women and families throughout the city.