Whether you volunteer at any of our events, in your community, or from your home, you’ll make a real difference in the lives of homeless pets, meet others who love animals, and have fun!

Join the many people who come from all over the community every year to work with our animals. From walking an enthusiastic dog, to cleaning a rabbit run, to just sitting and talking to a shy cat, there’s always plenty to do.

Can’t make it to our events? There are ample volunteer opportunities for you to volunteer.

Feel the pleasure and fulfillment that helping animals brings. And regardless of where you choose to volunteer, your efforts, no matter how big or small, help.

Noah’s Ark Society is building strong grassroots local programs in our communities, to end the killing of cats and dogs in shelters.

Noah’s Ark Society offers spay/neuter incentives, adoption, foster, shelter and fundraising events.

When you become a Noah’s Ark Society volunteer, you’re giving the animals what they want and need most: personal attention, hands-on care and love. Whether you volunteer for a day, a week or longer, the animals truly appreciate the time you spend with them.

Volunteer activities include things such as spending quiet time socializing with our animals, walking, feeding, grooming and assisting with the cleaning of the animal areas. Taking some of our animals on outings to town or other nearby locations is another way our volunteers help give them new and valuable experiences.


How to arrange your volunteer time

To register to be a volunteer, click here.

what’s needed?

In order to schedule your volunteer time with us we will need the following information from you:


Volunteer orientations are pre-scheduled by the Volunteer Department. Everyone that wishes to volunteer must attend a volunteer orientation prior to volunteering. We will determine the best time for your orientation based on your time (if applicable), and/or your animal areas of preference, and if your first day of volunteering will be for a morning or afternoon session.

ways you can help

To learn more about all the different ways you can volunteer to help Noah’s Ark Society, please refer to any of the links listed below:


To learn more about volunteering or to ask us any questions you might have, please feel free to email us at: volunteer@noahsarksociety.org