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Our Noah’s Ark Society Equine Division is focused on the rescue, rehoming and rehabilitation of horses that have come to us from Middle Tennessee animal shelters and owners who are unable to continue to care for their horses.

About our Equine Program:

The majority of the horses, donkeys, ponies, mules and other equidae in our program enter Noah’s Ark Society via neglect, abuse, or abandonment after seizure or surrender to Cheatham County Animal Control. We have chosen to partner with Cheatham County Animal Control because we feel they are actively striving to implement a no kill platform, which would not be possible without local non profit rescue support. When a horse, pony, donkey or mule enters our program, we provide them the medical care and attention they need, and work to restore them to physical health, while providing a safe environment while they wait for their furever home.

We are an Adopt A Pet Approved Equine Rescue, and follow AAEP standards of care for rescue and rehabilitation.

Visit our Adoptable Horses & Livestock page to see what potential furever friends we have for adoption.

To apply for a furever friend, please fill out this Adoption Application.

How does it work?*

Because we want to be sure that you and the horse are a perfect fit, we have a fairly extensive adoption process. It begins with filling out an adoption application, which you can find here.

Once we receive your application, the adoption coordinator will contact you to talk about it. If everything checks out and we have a horse who’s waiting for a home just like yours, we will set up a home visit.

The home visit is your opportunity to show off your place and all your four-legged friends. A NAS volunteer or representative will come to your place to evaluate whether the setup suits the needs of the particular horse you are interested in adopting.

We also recommend that you make arrangements to meet the horse and to make sure that he or she is just the horse you’ve always wanted. If it seems like a good match, we can finalize the adoption.

The last step in our adoption process is signing the contract. We make a commitment of lifetime care to every animal that comes into NAS’s care. In order to live up to our commitment, we ask you to sign a contract in which you agree to return the horse to Noah’s Ark Society in the event that you can no longer take care of him or her. Our hope, of course, is that this doesn’t happen, but if it does, we want to ensure that the horse comes back to us.

Am I also making a commitment to lifetime care?*

Yes. You are making a commitment to take care of the horse for the rest of his/her life, even after the horse is no longer rideable. Since horses can live long after their years of being ridden are over, you should carefully consider this aspect of adopting a horse. During those years, you’ll be paying for feed and housing, and you may have increased veterinary costs, but this phase of a horse’s life can be a tremendously rewarding time for both horse and human.

How do I get my new horse to my home?*

Our first choice is always that you transport the horse yourself. We do realize, however, that this is not always possible, so here are some other options: We can provide transport, but a per-mile charge will apply. There are also commercial transport companies available and we can put you in touch with ones that we have used and recommend. Whatever route you go, the cost of transport will be your responsibility.

Adoption Fees

Horse adoption fees are dependent on the breed, and will be determined by what we have that is available.


To learn more about adopting horses and/or livestock or to ask us any questions you might have, please feel free to email us at:

002* Information is courtesy of Best Friends Animal Society.