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Grumpy old man is interested in anyone interested in him. Although terribly temperamental he is totally harmless. He’s extremely wise , mischievous, and loves to play. Although sometimes pushy, if pushed back, he’s a teddy bear. He used to love slow rides and would walk, trot, or lope on command. But now that he’s much older he just wants to eat. He has a great sense of humor, isn’t apprehensive about his advanced age, and doesn’t mind his pudgy white body and dark spots.

Who wouldn’t love Moses?

We fell for him the first time we saw his grumpy old face staring back at us from a photo taken when he was surrendered. Moses came into Noah’s Ark Society from the fallout of a divorce. While we don’t know much about his previous history, we do know he loaded quickly on the trailer that cold February day we went to pick him up, and he has refused to get back on a trailer ever since.

From a muddy lot to acres of green pastures…from solitude to two foster families that adore him…from one pasture mate to a large herd protecting him…Moses is living out his best life.

And we  our Moses!!

– Annette, Foster Mom


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