Save Them All!

NAS has made the pledge to help end the killing in animal shelters by 2025

Imagine a future in which every pet is safe—a time when they are never killed in shelters simply because they don’t have safe places to call home. That future is closer than you think.

Every day, nearly 5,500 dogs and cats are killed in America’s shelters. Not because they’re ill or injured, but because they’re homeless. But together we can save them. Best Friends, Noah’s Ark Society, and countless other shelters and rescues have set a bold new goal to end the killing of dogs and cats in shelters nationwide by 2025—and you can help us get to that goal. Make the pledge to save our best friends and end the killing in America’s shelters by 2025.

Best Friends & Noah’s Ark Society have always believed that all animals deserve to be treated with respect and kindness. And thanks to people like you and the compassion you show homeless pets every day, that outlook is spreading like wildfire. The killing of our best friends is not a “necessary evil”, and as a society, it’s time we put it to an end once and for all.

Please make the pledge today to help end the killing of our beloved best friends by 2025 by donating, no matter how small the amount.

Thank you for joining us on this historic journey. Together, we will Save Them All.


Our Future


Currently Noah’s Ark Society is raising capital funds and acquiring 500 acreage for the sanctuary. If you would like to be a part of this movement or need more information, please contact us at

  • Our sanctuary will be a no-kill facility that serves the needs of domestic animals, equines, livestock, farm animals, and wildlife in the Tennessee area.
  • As a rescue, our responsibilities are to make sure all animals are spayed and neutered, receive complete vaccinations, are given monthly preventatives, and are cared for until a responsible home is found.
  • Wildlife animals will be rehabilitated until they can safely be returned to their natural habitat.
If you want to help please donate through PayPal, or you may mail us a check to:

Noah’s Ark Society
P.O. Box 158159
Nashville, TN 37215