Success Stories


Two years ago, Bronx and his 3 siblings were about to be euthanized at the Jackson, TN County Rabies Control when Janine, our newest volunteer, took off to collect them. Within 24 hours of them in our rescue, we noticed something was wrong–parvo!!! For those that don’t know about parvo, if not caught in time, it can be deadly. Because we knew the warning signs, Janine rushed them to Blue Pearl Animal Hospital where they spent numerous days hoping to survive.

It was an extremely long few weeks, but all recovered very well! They are all now in wonderful homes. Bronx was in a loving home, but after a year, his needs were not getting met, he started to struggle, and the trainers and vets just couldn’t figure out what was wrong. The family was at their wits ends; they didn’t want to surrender him back to Noah’s Ark Society, but they knew Bronx wasn’t happy where he was. After having a long conversation with one of our volunteers, it was decided (as hard as it was) to find Bronx a new family, one that could give Bronx what he needed–24/7 attention. And the search began!

With new photos, a great bio, and so much hope for Bronx, a potential family was located in Cottontown. With tears in their eyes, Bronx’s first family drove to Cottontown to meet the his family. It was love at first sight for everyone! Bronx got out of the car and ran right up to Anita, the mom, and started giving her kisses like he knew her for years. Then the kids started filing out of the house one at a time to meet Bronx. Bronx’s entire body didn’t stop wagging the entire time. At that point, the first family knew that Bronx found his new home! With tears in their eyes, they handed over his toys, leash, and gave Bronx a kiss. They told him to be a good boy and that they will always love him. He will always be a part of their family

Bronx is now living with 3 teenagers, a new mom and dad, and many friends that stop by the house on a daily basis. Anita, new mommy, mentioned that they never lock the doors, because people are always coming and going! This is what Bronx needed, to be the center of someone’s attention, and we believe we found it for him. This story is very bittersweet because the previous family loved him so much, but they knew he needed much more than they could provide.

Congrats Bronx!!!


Young Suki was rescued by Carrie Ledgerwood (now Carrie Pulliam).  Carrie found Suki roaming the streets of East Nashville.  She picked up the battered pup and rushed her to the vet where it was determined that Suki was severely dehydrated.  The vet said that Suki would not have lasted on the streets much longer.  She fought hard, stayed in the hospital for several days, but she was a tough cookie and made it!

We saw Suki on Noah’s Ark Society’s Petfinder page and fell in love with her eyes.  We came into My Sister’s Closet to meet this happy and healthy pup and immediately fell in love.  Suki went home to meet Ivy, our other dog.  The pair of pooches quickly bonded, but, after a trial weekend, we responsibly held back and “slept on” adopting Suki.  It didn’t take very long to make our final decision, and we adopted Suki at the end of March, 2012.  Suki ended up gaining a canine brother, Dapper, in 2013, and a human brother in 2014.  She absolutely adored our family, was the best companion and protector to us all.  Tragically, we lost Suki in 2017.  She had an enlarged heart, a condition that was not typically diagnosable during regular visits and checkups, but we are so grateful she was, and still is, a part of our life.  She made us become better people and made us fall in love with her breed.


In May of 2017, I met the love of my life in the form of a 1 year old handsome as could be shelter dog. I saw Winslow online on a pet adoption website and just knew I

had to meet him. A few days later I ran through a Starbucks drive-thru, ordered a Puppachino, and went to meet this handsome boy. We played ball and went for a walk and I knew I wanted to adopt him. That weekend, he stayed with me for our “over night test.” He escaped twice, peed on my rug, ate my slippers, and was aggressive at times but was also the sweetest, most snuggly, playful and loving dog. Even though that weekend was not the smoothest, it did not change my mind about wanting to make Winslow part of my family. So, I filled out the adoption paperwork, wrote the check, had my home checked out, went on a pet store shopping spree and went to pick up my boy! Life since then has been happy, joyful, fun and filled with love but it has also been very stressful, tiring and most of all – expensive, but I wouldn’t change a thing.

Before Winslow was part of my family, he was part of a different family – a family that dumped him and left him without food or shelter during the winter months. Luckily, neighbors in the part of town he was dumped in noticed him and tried their best to help. It took them and Animal Control weeks to catch him. He was then brought to the shelter where he was adopted and returned 4 different times. Winslow started to struggle with anxiety and aggression but who could blame him – I would too. Thankfully the wonderful people at Noah’s Ark Society took him in and got a wonderful foster family to take care of him while he waited for his forever home.

Even though Winslow had finally found his forever family, his struggles didn’t stop. A few weeks after I adopted Winslow, he became very ill. He wouldn’t eat and lost a lot of weight. The vet wasn’t exactly sure what was going on so different medicines and treatments were tried to no avail. I couldn’t bear to see Winslow in pain anymore, so I rushed him to the emergency vet where a large obstruction was found in his intestine. Winslow was rushed into emergency surgery while I sat in the waiting room and cried. The surgeon ended up pulling a large chunk of tire rubber from Winslow’s intestine. This had apparently been in Winslow’s belly for quite some time, since he was on the street and starving and looking for food, and now that he was comfortable, and his body was relaxed, he started to digest the rubber and it caused him it get very sick. This surgery left Winslow with a 12 inch incision on his belly and me with a $4000 vet bill.

Unfortunately, it doesn’t stop there. About 3 weeks after Winslow’s first surgery, he started to get very sick again. I knew something was very wrong, so I went straight to the emergency vet where Winslow went back into emergency surgery to remove a piece of plastic from his intestine that had started to digest. Not only was the plastic removed but 6 inches of his intestine was also removed as the plastic had cut through it. The poor boy started his recovery process all over and I was once again left with another $4000 vet bill. Naturally, he needed his second surgery only a few days before his pet insurance kicked in.

Today, Winslow is doing fantastic. He is such a happy boy and you can barely see his scar from his surgeries. I’d like to think he has forgotten all about them as well as his sad life before me. He loves snuggling with me on the couch, going for walks, playing with other dogs, making new human friends, and most of all playing in his backyard with all of his toys. Even though his surgeries have put me in quite a bit of debt, I would do it all over again to be able to come home to Winslow every day. He really is a dream come true and I never imaged I could love a dog so much. I didn’t rescue him, and he didn’t rescue me, we were brought together on purpose and rescued each other.


Sweet Samson before and after. He came to us a sweet, skinny little ginger. He has made quite the transformation. He is completely convinced he is a dog. He insists on going on daily walks with his two lab brothers and Great Dane sister. We are quite a site strolling the neighborhood. He is a rambunctious boy who loves hiding and tackling his cat sister Jingy. He’s quite the lover and turned us into complete foster failures!!!


Louis at home 1-2014Louis (formerly “Noble”) was a broken puppy dumped on the side of a country road.  He was brought into Cheatham County Animal Control with a severely broken back leg.  They contacted Noah’s Ark Society to see if we could help.

Upon scooping him up and rushing him to the vet, it was determined that his back leg was shattered and the bone had severed the artery in his leg.  He was rushed into surgery to repair the artery and amputate his leg.

He healed up with a foster family who took him into their office every day.  It was there that Louis’ forever Dad first saw him and fell head over heels in love.  Louis now lives on a 92 acre farm with six other doggie brothers and sisters, goats and a donkey!  Foster Mom couldn’t even cry when she left him at his new home – she wanted to go live there too!  What a lucky break for a broken puppy!