mandy & meisha


Lori Elam is the Founder and President of Noah’s Ark Society.

Her personal passions are found in family, friends, nature, and the love of the outdoors. It’s no surprise then that animals are a significant part of her life.

Lori’s animal rescue roots began when she moved to Nashville.  The first two weeks she was living in Nashville, she lost both of her dogs, Mandy and Meisha.  Lori was lucky enough to find Meisha, but never recovered Mandy…her baby! Obviously she was heartbroken, but as the saying goes…”something good always comes from something bad…”—and so it did.

While looking for Mandy, Lori found a wonderful group of animal rescuers who essentially helped Lori discover her calling.   These selfless individuals who regularly gave generously both of their money and time to help save the cast-offs of society were Nashville’s animal rescue community–and she knew she was home.

A group of ladies decided that they could best contribute to the unwanted pet population by starting an organization called Nashville Animal Rescue Co-Op.  The mission of this organization was to collect and distribute donations to small, struggling pet-rescue organizations—often run by single individuals whose time and energy were so devoted to helping animals in need that they had few resources left over to campaign for funds themselves.

The mission of the Nashville Animal Rescue Co-op eventually evolved into a full-fledged animal rescue charter complete with a brand new name, Noah’s Ark Society. While Noah’s Ark Society continued to work in synergy with other local animal rescue groups, they also began to offer a full range of services to the community including a Foster Network, Dog & Cat Adoption Program, TNR program, Equine/Livestock Rescue Division, Wellness, Pet Therapy etc.

From 2011-2015, Noah’s Ark Society has found homes for over 400 animals. Lori facilitates the collaboration of Noah’s Ark Society with Cheatham County Animal Control (and other local rescue organizations) to help animals receive veterinary care without which the animals would be “unadoptable.” Noah’s Ark Society’s mission is, “a home for the homeless, a voice for the voiceless,” and Lori has always focused on helping the animals that most need love to find a home and a voice.

As we look to tomorrow, we are extremely proud of the work we have all done and continue to do in Nashville’s animal rescue community. After all–

“Animals are not our whole life, but they make our lives whole.”

~ Lori E Elam