KJ loves all animals and has always wanted to help heal the wounded. Her passions are animals, healthcare, music, and movies! Growing up, she always wanted a dog and befriended everyone else’s pets until she was able to rescue her own 4-legged baby. In February 2015, KJ and her fiance rescued a 2.5 month old Pomeranian/Chinese Crested puppy and named her Haseena, which means beautiful in Hindi. Since then, Haseena has become the center of their lives and a true blessing!

After KJ’s job relocated her to Nashville, she found out that her company was big on community service and give-backs. With her love for Haseena and a burning desire to give back to the animal rescue community, she began her search on finding that perfect local rescue who met her vision and passion for animals. After weeks of searching, KJ met Lori Elam for lunch one day to discuss Noah’s Ark Society’s mission and views and instantly fell in love. She knew that Noah’s Ark Society was the rescue she was looking for. Since then, KJ has helped Noah’s Ark Society with events, marketing, networking and much more.

tonya hoffman: volunteer coordinator

Since Tonya was a child she always wanted to help animals and make a difference in their lives. Growing up, her family had dogs, cats, horses, cows, and even goats and chickens. She have helped save cats and other animals as a kid and a young adult.

Tonya has been assisting Noah’s Ark Society for about a year. Tonya and her partner, Gwen, adopted their first two fur babies, Xyris and Yukon, from Noah’s Ark Society. When they adopted their dogs, They both appreciated that Noah’s Ark Society followed up with their animals over the years, something that they had never heard of other rescues doing.

In 2016, Tonya started volunteering at the Noah’s Ark Society Center but she still wanted to be more involved. In January 2017, Noah’s Ark Society needed help with five puppies (Carter, Carson, Dakota, Hunter, and Kennedy) that were only 7 days old. Tonya and Gwen fostered these puppies, which included bottle-feeding, lots of hard word, and giving them all kinds of love and special attention. They ended up adopting Carson.

Tonya says, “With every animal that I get to help with at Noah’s Ark Society, I have a fullness in my heart. Whether it be helping a human adopt an animal they will love forever or helping an animal find their furever home. This is why I rescue.”