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Izzy came to Noah’s Ark Society 1 year ago as an owner surrender. She is a 12 year old Maltipoo. Her former family moved into a smaller home without a yard and they felt like she would be happier in a home where she could get more attention. One of Noah’s Ark Society’s already established forever fosters agreed to take in this adorable pooch under her wing under Noah’s Ark Society’s Elder Society.

Upon arrival, Izzy fit right in. She has a funny little personality and follows the other dogs’ leads on what to bark at when running around outside. She is far too interested in the bunny rabbits, but fortunately they are almost bigger than she is so she would have a difficult time catching them. Her favorite playmate is her canine sibling, Jack, who is 4 times her size.

Izzy also has a sibling, Bert, who is an elderly forever foster under Noah’s Ark Society. Bert is known to be standoffish to the other dogs of the house, but took a liking to Izzy. Bert and Izzy have become a very sweet elderly couple together. She is the only one who Bert will allow to snuggle up to him in his orthopedic bed. He even occasionally grooms her when they are snuggling.

She has some health issues; she came to us with very itchy skin that only seems to be relieved with Apoquel. She receives this medication once per day to keep her comfortable. Vet trips every 2-4 months are also required for Izzy. She also came to us with a large benign tumor on her rear left leg—so large that you can almost not see the leg at all. The tumor is intertwined within her muscles so it cannot be removed completely. If the tumor starts to grow or becomes bothersome to her, we have the option of “debulking” it, but Izzy manages it pretty well and it doesn’t seem to bother her at the moment. We have provided her aids to help her get around, like steps to help her get up to the bed at night. 

Izzy’s former family still checks up on her and we send them pictures and updates every now and again. For now, Izzy is happily living the rest of her life under Noah’s Ark Society’s Elder Society.

– Noah’s Ark Society


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