Prise and Pistol

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Prise and pistol are 16 and 14 year old horses living with their forever foster under Noah’s Ark Society’s senior society. They were owned by a family all their life, but they found themselves in a situation where they could no longer care for the horses. They were going to be taken to auction. The thing about horse auctions is that you never know where the horse will end up—in good hands, bad hands, or even worse–used for horse meat.

Noah’s Ark Society took the brother and sister pair into the senior society and was brought to their forever foster. There, they have been living free to roam on 3 acres with an open barn. When they first arrived, they were a little rough around the edges—they both needed to gain weight and they hadn’t had their hooves trimmed in quite a while.

Since becoming healthy, Pistol and Prise have enjoyed a healthy life roaming the pasture every day. But then Pistol started to develop strange lesions on his torso, back, and legs. One large lesion on his rear end measured 3”. The vet had no idea where these wounds were coming from and the biopsy only showed “inflammation”.

After some time, the lesions started to get worse, so a second opinion was obtained from another vet. Right now, the only thing we are sure of is that he has some sort of “immune mediated skin disease”. We are working hard to narrow down the diagnosis more so we can treat it better. Treatment right now includes cleaning his wounds every day and applying a protective cream.

Other than Pistol’s strange skin issues, Prise and Pistol are very chill, except when they have to be separated. They will literally pace back and forth until they are together again. When it’s dinnertime and hear their foster getting dinner ready, they come galloping to the barn. They often nuzzle their foster momma to show their appreciation for taking such good care of them. 

– Noah’s Ark Society


Hay – 1 Round bale approximately every 3 weeks – $50/bale

1 Square bale approximately every 3 days – $6.50/bale

Grain – 4 bags approximately every 5 weeks – $15.00/bag

Farrier – every 6-8 weeks – $30 per horse


(Pistol) Phenylbute

(Pistol) Triamcynolone Ointment

(Pistol) Dexamethasone Powder 10mg

Monthly Total – $50.00