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I wish I could save every animal, but there are some I just cannot pass. It’s as if I know they are supposed to be with me. That’s exactly how I felt when I saw Bert posted on Facebook by an advocate for Rutherford County PAWS. Because he was a 13 year-old 100 pound “grumpy old man”, no one wanted him and was quickly on his way to euthanasia at the shelter.

I saw him and my heart was compelled to pull him. I contacted Noah’s Ark Society, who said they would pull him if I could forever foster him under their Senior Society. It was a done deal. A no-brainer.

The thing about dogs labeled as “grumpy old men” in shelters is, while sometimes they may very well be old and rightfully grumpy, you can never judge the personality of a dog who is in a 4×4 kennel and in danger of being euthanized. It’s like they know how bad their situation is and they are scared. It’s when you bring them home that you finally get to see their personality shine.

Bert made himself at home and fit in with everyone right away. I foster several seniors and for the most part, as long as you give Bert his space, he is a happy camper. Noah’s Ark Society provides food and toys, which happened to include a Kong Wubba, which for Bert might as well be a filet mignon steak. He also likes to catch flies in his free time and it is not unusual to find his nose smeared across the window trying to catch a flying snack.

The thing about Bert is he often looks at me, eye to eye, and all I see from him is gratitude. It’s like he knows he’s safe. I give to him everything he needs, which is so very little, and he gives me so much gratitude in return. He is a good boy.

But sometimes a foster mommy can’t stop everything from harming her baby. In May of this year Bert was diagnosed with bladder cancer. Transitional Cell Carcinoma to be exact. It is a very aggressive type of cancer without any good treatments for dogs. The last thing we want for Bert is any sort of pain and suffering associated with treatment trying to beat this terminal cancer.

This kind of diagnosis means we are living with Bert day to day—just as every dog does anyway, right? Right now he’s not showing any signs of pain, and if he did, Noah’s Ark Society will address it immediately. We are preparing ourselves for the worst, but trying to keep his life full until that day finally comes.

Bert does not do well in the car, and he CERTAINLY does not do well at the vet. For our special Bert, we have arranged for a vet from Lap of Love to come to him in the comfort of his home when he lets us know he is ready to cross the rainbow bridge. We are dreading this day immensely. We have no idea the life Bert had before coming to us, but it is our responsibility now to make sure that he’s comfortable and happy until the very end.”

If you feel like you would like to donate to Bert’s hospice care, please donate below. Thank you.

Sarah, Foster Mom


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