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Koa, an 8 year old lab, was brought into Noah’s Ark Society’s Elder Society a week or so before Christmas of 2018. Due to his medical conditions, he would not have made it had he had been left at the shelter over the holidays.

Koa’s health was extremely poor when he came to us. He had a HORRIBLE yeast infection all over his body and the smell could clear any room. He also had a very bad ear infection in one ear. He was also diagnosed with hypothyroidism and significant case of arthritis.

Koa has been at the vet several times for his skin, thyroid, and recurrent ear infections. He will be on thyroid medication for the rest of his life. Due to his thyroid issue, Koa is overweight, so he requires regular exercise and a regimented diet that he is not very happy about. He is very sneaky and will frequently try to steal his foster siblings’ food when his foster momma is not looking.

Prior to being in the shelter, Koa was likely kept where he couldn’t move around a lot as he has pressure areas on his feet and elbows where his fur has been worn off. Now, he has his favorite spot in his foster momma’s room where he snoozes and hoards as many toys as he can find.

He is a complete couch potato and doesn’t like going outside unless you go out with him. Even then, he sits by the door hoping to return to his bed. He does, though, get really excited to go on a walk if you get the leash out.

Koa’s health issues are for the most part managed, but he is still having to make occasional trips to the vet in regards to his thyroid, skin issues, recurrent ear infections, and weight. His foster momma still needs to clean wounds on his skin daily and she keeps a close eye on his ears. Fortunately, Koa is a very patient dog, and when it comes to the treatments, he really just likes someone paying attention to him.

– Noah’s Ark Society 


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