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Around 1:30pm this afternoon, Monday August 20th, Bonnie escaped from the yard of her foster home in Eash Nashville on Shelby in between 16th and 17th.

Bonnie is wearing an olive green collar with a red tag on it.  We are asking for anyone that can to please come help look for her.

Bonnie is used to living on a farm, and being in the city is going to be very frightening to her.  She may be hiding under a bush or in another backyard.  If you see her and she runs, please do not chase her.   If you have sighted Bonnie, please call or text 615-775-1931 with any information.  A photo of her is below:

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We have some exciting new additions to Noah’s Ark that have joined us since Friday.  We were finally able to arrange for a foster for Heidi.  One of our fabulous vet clinics, South Franklin Animal Hospital, will be fostering Heidi in clinic as she prepares to have her babies.  The puppies are due this week, and from xrays, we anticipate a litter of 2 to 3 little ones.  Heidi’s story is quickly going from very sad to very happy.  She was found huddled behind a dumpster at the back of a Dollar General store in rural West TN.  The signs of neglect were obvious, from emaciation to flea and tick infestation.  A caring citizen in the area took her in and helped her on her way back to health over the past month while she waited on an opportunity to come to Noah’s Ark Society.  That opportunity finally presented itself, and Heidi got a ride yesterday to join us.  We are very excited for puppy breath in the next few days, and also excited that our momma dog, Heidi will get the love and nurturing she needs while she takes care of the babies.  She is accepting adoption applications for once the puppies are weaned, and she will be spayed at that time as well so she won’t have to go through pregnancy again.  As soon as the puppies are born we will take applications for them as well.

Momma Dog, Heidi:

We also have new puppies in our family, and on their way to new families.  Franklin went to his new family last week.  Millie, has multiple applications in and will be meeting her new family this week.   Miracle is still waiting on the right family to find her, and Pepper, a 5 week old Chihuahua has just entered our program. 

If you are interested in helping support our new babies, please join us this weekend for Paws on the Pavement, order a sticker through our Simple Dog Fundraiser, or make a Paypal Donation through our website. 

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Simple Dog is doing a fundraiser for Noah’s Ark, and we would be thrilled to have all of our friends and followers participate.  Simply go to the link below:

Purchase anything on their site, and Noah’s Ark will receive $5 per item purchased.  Simple Dog has some really awesome rescue items such as the bumper sticker below for $12 (available as a sticker or magnet!)  This sale is for a limited time only.  It ends next week on Thursday.  Please check it out—100% of the proceeds will go to the Operation Freedom dogs!

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We are actively preparing for a very busy rest of August. and a full Fall of events for Noah’s Ark Society.  Our next event is Pet Appreciation Day at Tractor Supply.

Noah’s Ark will be onsite with many of our adoptables, including Lola, Gizmo, Princess, Leila Cookies, Milk, Wild Man, Tuutnik.

We will be out front from 10am to 3pm, and we will also be selling hot dogs and drinks.  Stop by, grab some lunch with us, and get some puppy love THIS WEEKEND, August 18th from 10am to 3pm.  Tractor Supply in Gallatin is located at ‎670 Nashville Pike Gallatin, TN 37066.

Photo below is of Lola who will be onsite at our adoption day:

Our next big event is the next weekend, August 25th and August 26th.  We will be holding our second Paws on the Pavement Yard Sale at My Sister’s Closet and Free Beer Men’s Consignment.  This awesome event will raise funds to help with the rehabilitation of the Operation Freedom dogs in our care.

The address for our Paws on the Pavement sale is 4012 Hillsboro Pike, Nashville, TN 37215.  We are accepting donations, bake sale items, and volunteers for this event, so email us at for more information.

We can’t wait to see all of you later this month!

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Noah’s Ark Society rescue president Lori Elam is getting ready for an on air radio interview with Troy Hansen of 102.9 FM The Buzz. 

If you are an early bird, or just want to set your alarm to get up and listen, tune in at 5:30am this Sunday, August 12th, to hear Lori chat about Noah’s Ark Society, upcoming events, and rescue news. 

The show is called “Make A Difference”, and we are very excited to have been selected to be interviewed for the work we are doing to make a difference for the animals in Middle Tennessee.

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Annie is a sweet senior, likely Lab/Shepherd/Mix of Mixes.  She has been spending time with our volunteer behaviorist, and will be the first of our Operation Freedom Dogs to be ready for a forever home.  Below is her latest status update, which we wanted to share.

Name: Annie
Age: 9-11
Special Needs: Emotional Rehabilitation
Details: Annie came to Noah’s Ark Society through Operation Freedom on July 3, 2012.  She was one of 110 dogs seized, and has lived her entire life in neglect.  Annie is able to eat solid food (kibble), manuever stairs, and walk on a leash.  She seeks out human attention.

Annie is the top “target” dog right now and continues to make huge strides.  She is now up in the house and has met a few of my dogs.  She is learning how to do stairs.  This dog has a lot of heart.  She now trusts me, and really tries to please me even when she is unsure about new environments.  So although she had obviously never done stairs, she tried really hard to follow me up them.  She still prefers me to “lead” when on walks, but follows happily.  She still gives kisses and greets me with tail wags, is eating well and I’ll be giving her more and more exposure to household things this coming week.  I will also be starting to teach her all about “lure training” this week, so we should be able to start bribing her with cookies to do things within another week or two. I’ll start taking some pictures of her on our walks for updates.

Annie will be the first one who can go to another foster home.  In a perfect world, it would be terrific if the foster family could spend some time with her here until they take her…so they have an idea of what she is like.  These dogs are still not “normal” dogs, and I find that this is the biggest hurdle with foster families…they expect the dog to become a normal dog in a few weeks….that just isn’t realistic…Annie will make continual improvement, but how far she comes back is up to Annie.  The home can have other dogs or not,  must have a crate for Annie, and ideally a home that doesn’t want to take Annie with them everywhere…exposing her to new environments is good, but in a slow/steady format versus throwing her into the deep end of the pool.  Annie is still in the process of housebreaking…she hasn’t had an accident in a week…but she doesn’t have full run of my house either, so a family who understands housebreaking would be important.  She potties easily on leash, but we need to remember that when stressed, Annie is a submissive pooper.

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Noah’s Ark Society will be participating in Tractor Supply Company’s Pet Appreciation Week (PAW) with a very special adoption day on August 18th from 10am to 3pm.  We hope you can all come join us! 

We will be on site with as many of our adoptables as possible, including our adoptable rabbits!  We will have information on the horses and ducks, handouts, goodie bags and more at this fun adoption day in store. 

To add to the excitement, Tractor Supply Company in partnership with Ford Trucks and Purina are giving away a BRAND new Ford F-150 King Ranch Truck and a year’s supply of Purina food of the winner’s choice to one lucky person.  All you have to do is go to this link to register:

Register to win at Pet Appreciation Day!

Please mark your calendar, and come see us…and do some shopping while you are at it.

Tractor Supply Company
(615) 451-4700

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Lady Spud was possibly the reigning matriach or the recent Animal Rescue Corp seizure, Operation Freedom Dogs.  She is the sweetest little mix of mixes.  We are unsure of her age, but know she is over 10 years old.  She still has good hearing and vision, and is loving being in a home environment.

In the photo above, Lady Spud is on the dog bed in the center with her foster dog siblings. She loves to follow her foster mom around, and sleeps on the floor in her foster mom’s room at night.  She is doing amazing at house training, and never needs crating. 

We are looking for a new foster home for Lady Spud, and it is urgent! Though she is doing fantastic, the foster home she is in is not ideally suited for her needs.  There are 10 stairs leading to the door, and Lady Spud doesn’t do well on the stairs, so she has to be carried up and down for every potty break.  It is getting to be too much for her foster mom to handle, and not an ideal way for her to adapt to a typical home life.  We would like to find a foster home for this little one where there are no more than 2 or 3 stairs to come in and out of the house and at least one other dog.  Short term is ok, but long term is ideal.

If you can consider opening your home to Lady Spud, please contact us as as soon as possible.  Lady Spud is a charmer who is enjoying her first chance at a normal life in her senior years.

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We would like to give a HUGE congratulations to our recent adoptions: Bella Marie, Olive, and Sammy Jo.  Way to go ladies!  You have an awesome life ahead of you in your new forever homes.  We will love and miss each and every one of you.

While our precious babies have been matched with their new families, we have been busy working at the fairgrounds with Operation Freedom and Freedom Part 2.  Noah’s Ark has invited a full ark into the program: 12 dogs, 12 rabbits, 20 chickens, 6 ducks, 1 goose, one donkey, and one goat.  While our chickens have already found their new abodes as well, everyone else is starting their search for permanency.

So, without further ado, meet our cast of characters:

Jethro and Tucker (donkey and goat respectively).  These two boys are best of friends, and must be adopted together!

Our Waterfowl family; Lucinda, Talbot, Sport, Lily, Dandy, Rose, and Violet:

A few of our rabbits:

And the pup crew….these photos are from the emergency shelter at the fairgrounds, to they are very sad.  Look for huge improvements with our posts over the coming weeks as our canine crew finds happiness again:












And Last, but most certainly not least; Tia:

We will have lots of updates, and opportunities to help with the rehabilitation of these animals in the coming weeks.  Keep watch for more information!

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Noah’s Ark Society is on site once again assisting with the second major seizure in Middle Tennessee in less than a week.  This seizure, dubbed by Animal Rescue Corp as Operation Freedom, Part 2 came out of White County, TN in Rural Sparta.

The animals belonged to an individual who simply became overwhelmed.  He was attempting to run a sanctuary for unwanted animals, but got in over his head.  The result was a seizure of around 70 animals including cats, dogs, rabbits, turtles, goldfish, chickens, ducks, a goose, a donkey, and a goat.

The ducks, donkey, goat and goose have already landed with great foster homes with Noah’s Ark Society and are adoptable!

Here are the six ducks (to be named), and their leader Goose Lucinda (aka Lucy Goosey) out for a morning swim at their foster home’s pond:

And this is the new Noah’s Ark Donkey (to be named), with his best friend Joshua:

For those willing and able to assist the needs at this time are:

1) Foster Homes for Dogs – We need foster homes for dogs that are socialized and unsocialized.  The unsocialized dogs will take a long term rehabilitative commitment, and are by far our greatest need.  Noah’s will provide food, vetting, any supplies, and support. Dogs range in size from miniature poodle to Great Pyrenees, with the majority being around 30 to 40 pounds.  Yes, there are moms with puppies.

2) Foster Homes for Cats

3) Foster Homes for other animals such as Goldfish, Turtles, Chickens and Rabbits

4) Volunteers – Volunteers are needed at the Fairgrounds today through Friday for 2 shifts, 9am to 1pm and 1pm to 5pm. 

5) Supplies – the current supplies needed list is:

  • Latex Gloves
  • Flat Bottom Rubber Feed Bucket for the donkey (can be purchased from Tractor Supply or any Co-Op)
  • Feed Scoop
  • Purina Omolene or Ultium (Horse Feed)
  • Dumor Layer Pellets (Duck Feed)
  • Gift Certificates to Tractor Supply
  • Gift Certificates to Petco
  • Gift Certificats to Costco
  • Human Food (preferable Vegan or Vegetarian)

For the full story on Operation Freedom, Part 2, please read below:

SPARTA, Tenn.- Police in White County said 67 animals were rescued from a property in Sparta.
Crews with the White County Sheriff’s Office and the Animal Rescue Corps assisted in removing the animals Monday. Officials said this was one of the largest animal cruelty cases ever addressed in White County.
Police said a variety of animals were removed from the property including 24 chickens, 12 rabbits, 12 dogs, seven cats, six ducks, three Musk turtles, one goose, one goat, and one donkey.
“These animals were in desperate need of immediate help so the team didn’t hesitate to jump on board for what we’re calling Operation Freedom Part Two,” said ARC President Scotlund Haisley. “We’re honored to partner with the White County Sheriff’s Office to provide them and these animals our expertise and resources. It’s thanks to our dedicated supporters that we are able to say yes to these emergency requests.”
Volunteers said they thought the owner just had more animals on the property then he could handle. The owner accepted any animals that others could not care for.
“If someone had an animal that they just couldn’t take care of you just come up, give them a donation and he would take care of it,” said Heather Robertson, a Nashville Zoo Veterinarian who spent her day helping the rescued animals. 
Officials said most of the animals were underweight, suffering from external parasites and were found living in conditions that were hazardous to their physical health.
All the animals were removed from the property and taken to an emergency shelter at the Fairgrounds in Nashville.
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Noah’s Ark Society is currently on the scene, assisting Animal Rescue Corp, in the largest hoarding seizure in Wilson County History.    We are putting out an urgent plea for donations and foster assistance:

We need foster homes able to care for a dog or two for short term….generally one to two weeks maximum.

We can use donated supplies such as:

Paper Towels
Dog Treats
Dog Food.

If you can foster, for even a little while, please email and a volunteer will get right back to you.  If you can donate supplies, please email, and volunteer, Sariah Hopkins will contact you to coordinate getting the supplies to the fairgrounds.  This donation and foster need is immediate.  For more information on this rescue, please read the news story from Channel 5, below:

LEBANON, Tenn. – More than 100 dogs were rescued from a “hoarding situation” at a home in Lebanon.
Animal Rescue Corps said approximately 110 medium to large dogs were living in feces-laden pens with no doors on property in southeast Wilson County. The dogs only had dilapidated wooden boxes and rusted-through metal bins for housing, the organization said.
Spokesmen said the dogs had no shaded relief from recent hot temperatures, nor any clean water. One dog was found dead.
The rescued dogs suffered from a range of medical problems, such as mange, broken legs, bone disorders, conjunctivitis, and blindness resulting from their living conditions and the absence of daily care and medical attention.
Many of the dogs are not used to humans and shy because they have not received attention.All of the animals were surrendered to Wilson County Animal Control.
The Animal Rescue Corps said the situation started with eight unsterilized dogs two decades ago, and developed into the largest rescue in Wilson County.
The dogs were taken to an emergency shelter set up at the Tennessee State Fairgrounds in Nashville, where the animals will be treated by veterinarians. ARC will provide daily care until they can be placed with shelters and rescue groups.
No arrests were immediately reported.
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Noah’s Ark Society is very excited to be working with the Managing Ourselves Conference, a Summer camp and conference for teen leadership development.  This conference is an invaluable opportunity to gain experience in collaboration, creativity, and innovation.  Noah’s volunteers Charles and Carrie will be leading a program for 16 and 17 year olds at the conference.  One of their projects will be a developmental study on the rescue and rehabilitation of animals through Noah’s Ark Society.

The conference runs July 15th to 21st.  There are still seats remaining.  If you know any academically gifted students in this age range, follow the link below to sign them up today!

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Noah’s Ark is very excited to announce that we are now able to rescue, rehabilitate, and rehome horses!  After several meetings with volunteers who were ready, willing, and able to coordinate equine rescue, Noah’s Ark officially accepted the first three horses into rescue on June 11, 2012.

Three additional horses are coming into the program next week.  At the present time, we have foster capacity for 18 horses, but expect that number to grow.

With the addition of equine rescue, we can use volunteers for some new responsibilities.If you are horse experienced and interested in evaluating horses to determine if they are broke and/or to what level, we need you!  Our equine team is committed to using natural horsemanship methods in order to not stress horses that have already been through far too much. 

With that said—meet our first equine friends:

Jewel -7 year old Arabian Mare – Jewel is like a puppy dog with her mischevious personality and overly friendly ground manners.  She is broke to ride, and uses a bitless bridle.  She is extremely clever and a joy to be around.  She had a beautiful dark bay coloration.  Her adoption fee is $500.

Evangeline – 9 year old Arabian Mare – Eva is a little shy with new people, and takes time to get comfortable.  She was seized from a neglect case when she was pregnant, and gave birth the Aurora, who is also adoptable.  We do not know if Eva is broke to ride, but she has really great ground manners.  Her adoption fee is $150.

Aurora  5 Month Old Arabian Filly – “Rory”, as we call her is a sweet little goofball.  She loves to show off an play, and will nuzzle a human like another horse–you just have to watch that she doesn’t bite your nose, as even though she is just playing, it would hurt.  Rory has grown up in rescue and never known abuse or neglect.  She is ready to be weaned from her mom and go out into the big world on her own.  Mom is Evangeline, the sorrell Arabian mare, and Dad was a gorgeous Gray stallion.  Rory is turning Grey already and will be spectacular.  This girl has great form and conformation, and could grow into a perfect eventing horse.

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This little girl has been through a LOT. She was found on the side of the road, had been hit, and was picked up by Cheatham County Animal Control. X-Ray’s showed that she not only had a broken hip/leg, but she also had two MASSIVE bladder stones. Everyone was shocked at how mild mannered and sweet she was, even under so much pain. Mazie went into surgery, had the stones removed, leg amputated, and now she is up for adoption! She is the happiest, sweetest little girl, and is adapting very well.  (Please note, Mazie’s name was changed from Lulu.  The photos below are of her.)

This is one of the stones that were pulled from Mazie’s bladder. Each stone weighed a full pound. Poor girl.

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Thanks to wonderful donors, we were able to fix Bella Marie’s cherry eyes!! She was also adopted. :)
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