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Only six weeks old, so not ready to go home with you. 
for now, fall in love with those eyes!







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This is the story of these sweet puppies….


Trailer Park Pups

Owen, Kenny, Dolly, Reba, Garth, and Patsy started their life story being abandoned in the country. The tiny lab-mix puppies were only three to four weeks old, with their eyes barely open. This is how their story changed–being saved by a simple phrase, “Yes, we will help!”

These six puppies were dropped in the middle of the night at a trailer park in Cheatham County. A neighbor saw what happened and rushed to get them. The following day, she called an animal rescuer and asked, “Can you help?” The rescuer, Alexa, then reached out to Noah’s Ark Society and asked, “Can you help?” Between the compassion of the neighbor and Alexa and the support of Noah’s Ark Society, the puppies were rescued.

One puppy, Owen, was in obvious distress and was immediately taken to an emergency veterinary clinic. He was skin and bones and needed daily visits to inject fluids. For four days, Owen’s future was uncertain. A second puppy, Kenny, ended up needing more treatment than Owen. Kenny stayed at the vet on IV fluids for a week with around the clock care. Noah’s Ark Society volunteers Jennifer and Christiana each agreed to foster one of the special needs pups.

The following week, Noah’s Ark Society took custody of the remaining four puppies, with volunteer Shannon opening her home to foster all four. As Owen and Kenny recovered, people heard their story, and adopters were ready to take home the now healthy pups. Garth and Reba were also adopted. At the time of publishing this newsletter, Dolly and Patsy are still with Shannon, waiting to find their forever homes.

The mission of Noah’s Ark Society is to rescue, rehabilitate, and rehome animals in need. During the time the “Trailer Park Pups” were in Noah’s Ark Society care, the expenses mounted quickly for rehabilitating the puppies. While the financial burden of such a rescue endeavor is daunting at $2485, and there would be some folks who would have thought to let Owen and Kenny go rather than paying such extraordinary costs, Noah’s Ark Society would not have done anything differently for these special needs puppies.

The story of the “Trailer Park Pups” has a happy ending because Alexa and Noah’s Ark Society volunteers said, “Yes, we will help!” Noah’s Ark Society is a volunteer-only rescue. There is no paid staff, no shelter facility where rescued animals can receive care. We are thankful for the relationships with the rescuers, fosters, and adopters in this story. Now, we are looking to for the donations to make this kind of financial commitment possible. When we all say, “Yes, we will help!” we can change the stories of many animals who so desperately need our care.

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