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Meet Ari and Esramelda (Esra)!

Both are 16 year old senior kitties that need a foster, a forever foster, OR an adopting family.

Ari is the black and white kitty. We need cat people that can provide medical necessities for Ari, like pills twice a day (thyroid meds) and vet visits. He eats a special diet to prevent UTI (Urinary Tract Infection).
Esra is the orange kitty. She is completely healthy.

The two cats need to live together because they are litter mates that have lived together for 16 years (since birth)! Their mom for 16 years would like to be able to keep in touch, even watch them at their new homes during vacations or any other reasons they might need a cat sitter.

These loving sweet kitties are ready for their new home today!

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