Adoptable Dogs


Just 30 days ago Lucky’s life was supposed to be snuffed out. He sat in a shelter for 3 years with not one person interested in him. He merely existed day to day, suffering from skin infections that left him miserable and not much to look at.

Now that he is starting to feel better and his skin issues have cleared up, his energy level is finally back to normal. He would do best with someone who either has a yard or loves to walk, hike, or run. No couch potatoes need apply!

Lucky’s current situation has older kids and he is very affectionate to them, but he may knock little ones over unintentionally. He is very smart and very willing to Learn. He knows all of his basic commands and is doing very well on leash walking. Lucky is also up to date on all vaccines and is heartworm negative.

Be a hero and turn around Lucky’s not-so-lucky story. You will not regret it!


Looking for a great dog? Let me introduce you to Buckley!

Buckley is one of those dogs that you see hanging his head outside the window yelling “weeeeee!!!!” and when his humans dance…he dances with them.

Buckley, like so many other misfits, started life being moved from one foster home to another. He is apprehensive about meeting new people, but once Buckley decides you are cool, he is all yours. He is very affectionate–the kind of dog that just comes up to you, buries his face, and puts all his weight on you… backs up and sits in your lap… and wants to sleep between your legs every night. He’s perfectly housebroken. Not a barker. Walks great on a leash. He gets along great with dogs smaller than him.

Buckley is a 7-year old, neutered, American Rottweiler. He weighs 70 lbs. He is possibly mixed with lab, but he may be full-bred.

At age 7, Buckley does come with a small bag of “issues”, but then again who doesn’t? Buckley is looking for a home that will be patient with him–patient enough to help him be a dog. Patient enough to not let his issues define him (he hates people yelling, brooms, people pulling his bowl away from him, and when he is happy and wants to play, he will talk/sing to you, which is typical with the breed).

There is so much more to Buckley’s story and he would love to meet you and show you how amazing he is!


Sadie has lived with her current family 4 years and is around 6 years old.

Sadie came to her current family after having hip surgery. She had been hit by a car and Noah’s Ark Society put her back together. Her current family thought she would live with them just long enough to recover, but she quickly made herself right at home. She is currently being rehomed due to her need for a quiet family with no kids where she would be the only dog. She can live with cats with a little training as sometimes she forgets she is much bigger than a cat 🙂

Sadie is a very dedicated dog and shows her loyalty best to one person. She loves to be in the room with you and just be in your presence. Her favorite place is by your feet or snuggled on the sofa. She loves short walks, Netflix, and some good old fashioned attention.

Sadie is a sweet dog and is looking for her perfect fit!