Adoptable Dogs


Chief is a good puppy who loves his stuffed bear, dog toys and especially a bone. He enjoys long walks and would LOVE to have a yard to run in. Chief loves other dogs and actually does very well with cats. Chief needs housebreaking reinforcement. He is working towards it, but isn’t there yet. He knows sit, down, stay (some), and leave it. He will counter surf so he needs a leader who will work with him. He is quite good with kids and has never met a stranger. He doesn’t like to be left alone so we would recommend him being crated. He loves to sleep in the bed and loves to cuddle on the couch.


Zeke is a little over 3 years old, he is a pure-bred American Staffordshire Terrier (we have his DNA results to prove it), and he is oh-so-very handsome! He is a muscular, 60 pounds and is a sensitive and good natured dog. He has a short, pumpkin-colored coat with snow white markings on his toes, nose, chest and the tip of his tail.
Don’t let his serious expression fool you – this dog has the most loving heart, is such a sweetie, and he is a lot of fun! Zekester loves to accompany you on daily walks, and he enjoys his time in the shelter yard where he likes to run and play with his tennis ball. He is a housebroken boy, too; no accidents on his many, in-home sleepovers!
Once he gets to know you, he will put his head on your lap to be petted and snuggle up; his expressive brown eyes will truly capture your heart! You can see the love and trust he has developed with those he knows, and it is so inspiring! His energy level is a perfect medium. Basically, Zeke’s energy will match whatever you are doing….if you’re lazy on the couch binge-watching NetFlix for hours on end, he’ll be right there by your side. If you want to go on a long walk, hike or enjoy some playtime in the back yard, he will love those activities as well.
He is crate trained, is very good in the car, and the boy loves belly rubs. Zeeky also knows the “sit”, “down” and “over/belly” commands.

Characteristics of His Ideal Home –

• Relatively peaceful household with not a lot of commotion/foot traffic.
• Mature and calm adults or older teenagers only. No kiddos or kitties allowed due to him startling/spooking easily and his desire to chase small, furry creatures
• A firm but loving owner with good canine leadership skills – rules and respect come first, then snuggles.
• A short walk or two a day or a little time to romp in a back yard
• Not a requirement, but he would likely enjoy having a playful, pup roommate or friend who is 50+ lbs. Should help boost his confidence and help keep him exercised. If you have another dog in your home, a meet and greet will be required to ensure compatibility. However, Zeke would also be wonderful as an only pet!

Kelley, his foster Mom, states, “Zeke is an A-B-S-O-L-U-T-E-L-Y fantastic dog who deserves the very best home and humans. If we didn’t already have a highly-dominant, police dog living in our home that’s aggressive towards other male dogs, we would adopt Zeke in a heartbeat. It’s just too difficult to keep them separated long-term so our home isn’t the best fit for him permanently. However, we LOVE him to pieces, and he’s welcome at our house any time for a sleepover!

As a matter of fact, my husband and I, as well as another, dedicated volunteer and her family, are more than happy to dog-sit him for free for his new owner on occasion in the future, if needed, So you’ll get a great support group if you choose to adopt this awesome, furry fella! He’s a wonderful dog, and if you follow a few guidelines, he’ll be the best pup you’ve ever owned.”

For more information about Zeke and/or the adoption process, please connect with us so we can find a time to discuss or to schedule an official, face-to-snout introduction with him.

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For adorable Zeke videos follow these links!

Zeke Just wants Some Lovin’

Zeke & Lily – Play Time!!

Zeke Getting Brushed

Snoozing Pooch


Noah is a kind and loving 3-year-old pit-bull with brown and white spots on his fur. He is great with other dogs and cats. Some of his favorite games are fetch and tug of war (he’ll play tug for hours with his toys and ropes!). He also enjoys going for walks outside. Noah absolutely loves to cuddle and lives to please all those around him. You will find him to be very obedient, smart, and a truly wonderful companion all around.

When Noah was found, he was running down Whites Creek highway/Old Hickory area with his rectal blown out. He was suffering of malnutrition, weighing only 32 pounds. Luckily, after four prolapse surgeries to reattach his intestines/colon wall correctly, he is finally a healthy, happy boy, weighing 60 pounds!

Noah is fully vaccinated (including rabies shots), neutered, and fully house trained. His best owner is probably someone that owns his or her own home, has a fenced in yard, and is in need of a great companion to spend time with.

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Goose- Adoption Pending!

Goose is approximately 2.5 years old. She is a pit mix and as you can see from her pictures, she only has 3 legs. Goose had to have one of her legs amputated after being hit by a car and not receiving proper medical attention until weeks later. She doesn’t let this get her down! She runs and keeps up with her 4 foster siblings and her new best friend has become the cat. Goose is a very sweet & loving dog who just needs a family to give her a chance! We feel Goose would be best in a home with another dog to keep building her confidence.

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Mickie- Adoption Pending!

Mickie is a 8 month old Staffordshire bull terrier! Weighing around 45 pounds and full of LOVE!

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