Meet Gertrude!

Gertrude and her siblings were found outside with their mama. A family has been taking care of the kittens, but cannot keep them all. Gertrude is sweet, but timid. She has had all her shots and has been spayed. Gertrude is about 6 months old and is ready to find a loving home with lots of love.


Meet the lovely Victoria!

According to her foster mom, “Victoria truly is the best cat I have ever met. She is so loving and purrs endlessly. Besides purring overall she is quite a quiet cat. She does love playing, with her favorite toys, hair ties and the little ball with a bell in it. She never bites or scratches anyone. She adores my dog, which is a pug, and will just follow her around for hours.”

Victoria is one of Noah’s Ark Society’s “special needs” animals, because she is FelV positive. However, she acts as healthy any feline! She will need a loving home where she can stay inside and be your only kitty.

Once you welcome Victoria into your life, you will find her to be delightful company!

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What a great fun ball of fur is Willow! She is fearless when she runs around the house…until some
thing surprises her. Then the ball turns and runs the other way.  Adding to her ball appearance is the fact that she has a bobtail, like her mama. Willow is an extraordinarily cute gray tabby kitten!

Willow also becomes a little ball when she curls up to take a nap. Her favorite napping spot is with her mama, but she is sure to find a place in the middle when she is with her siblings.

Let adorable Willow roll her way into your house and heart. You’ll be glad to have her as your new kitten friend!



Rowan – ADOPTED!!

Rowan is quite distinct as the only polydactyl kitten in her liter. Like her dad, Hemingway, she has an extra toe on each front foot. Rowan also distinguishes herself from her siblings with the slight reddish tint to some of her gray tabby markings. What a beautiful, special kitten!

As far as Rowan’s personality, she’s your all around kitten. She likes to be quite rambunctious and play with anything she can find. She especially likes to follow her siblings to explore whatever they are doing at the moment. Rowan also likes to be around people, happy to snuggle down when she wears herself out.

Rowan would love to go home with you, and you would be very glad you chose her for your new kitten!




Aspen – ADOPTED!!


If you like to have a lap cat, Aspen is your girl. She loves to snuggle up with her siblings or parents, but seeks out a human companion whenever one is around. Aspen enjoys running around and playing like any kitten. However, she is usually the first to head for a nap. When her foster mom comes in, Aspen is on the couch with her almost as soon as she can.

Aspen was the smallest in the litter when she was born, but has caught up with her sisters. She is a gray tabby, distinguished by what looks like a little number 2 on her forehead.

Aspen is such a sweetie and would love to find a warm spot in your home!


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