Our Rag Doll, Wilbur!

Wilbur came to our family almost 3 years ago after his owner had passed away and the kids couldn’t keep both kitty cats. Wilbur is now 17 years old and he likes what he likes. He is pretty set in his ways and man, does he have needs!

Wilbur had been in 2 different furever homes, and each home just wasn’t what Wilbur needed.

One was too active: dogs

One was too full: too many other kitty cats

One was, well…just right!!

Sherry, Wilbur’s current foster home, is very quiet and his medical/old man moods are finally being met. He has a “catio” where he can watch the birds, squirrels, and any other outside critters that might go by his window. Sherry also has an adorable son, Luke, who Wilbur just loves!! Luke reads to Wilbur every day and Wilbur helps pick out the book.

But, while Wilbur’s current home may be “purrfect,” they cannot keep him forever. Wilbur is looking for another wonderful spot to spend the rest of his years. As a part of our “Elder Society,” all of Wilbur’s needs will be taken care of—food, vetting, etc., we just need a place for Wilbur to call home!