The properties Noah’s Ark Society Center rented have been sold –we thought we had till the end of the year, until COVID-19 hit. Our group decided to be socially responsible and NOT have our centers open to the public. We understand this is just another of the 100s of hardships happening in Nashville because of this virus, and we completely respect the fact that we are not alone in this journey.

That said, Noah’s Ark Society Retail and Rescue Centers have been our number one fundraiser. The huge successes we have had are countless, financially and in fulfilling our mission. Examples from 2020 include: in six weeks we had 26 cats adopted, volunteers and patrons had a fun place to come and hang with animals, and we helped pet parents learn about better ways to feed their animals. Along with our Centers being a place to market our adoptable animals and interact with the community, the products sold supported our programs. Our Centers offered a self-serve dog wash in one and a cattery in the other. We found the interaction between prospective adopters and the cats at our cattery to be an invaluable part of the process.

We closed our doors MONTHS earlier than we expected. Many puppy dogs, kitty cats, and horses still need to be fed, vet appointments still need to happen, and animals still need to be saved. Our work doesn’t stop with this pandemic.

But we will not let the stress of Covid-19 get us down. Noah’s Ark Society has the manpower, drive, grit, and endless compassion to carry on in saving the most vulnerable animals in our community. Our vision of land for a multi-species sanctuary is still as vivid as the day we first dreamt it, and we are still connecting with partners in the community to fulfill our mission. Until we can get back to “business as usual,” we are only accepting owner-surrenders that are fully-vetted, and we will continue to adopt out those animals at no cost to families. After our community has recovered, we look forward to our search for a brand new Noah’s Ark Society Retail and Rescue Center.