Dog Adoption FAQ


Q. How do dogs end up in rescue?

A. The majority of the dogs at Noah’s Ark Society come to us through over-filled shelters in Middle Tennessee. We also assist law enforcement and national agencies such as HSUS and Animal Rescue Corp in large scale animal seizures. In some circumstances we take in owner release dogs when we have space available.

Q. What is the adoption fee for a dog through Noah’s Ark Society?

A. We ask for a $175 adoption donation for all adult dogs. For puppies under 1 year of age, our adoption donation is $200. The dogs in our program are all spayed/neutered, vaccinated, dewormed, tested for heartworms and tickborn diseases, and given a general wellness exam. Puppies receive 2 rounds of puppy shots, dewormers, regular wellness checkups, and spay/neuter. The average cost of this vetting is over $250 per animal. If you are willing or able to donate above the adoption fee, it is a 100% tax deductible donation and will go directly to the dogs in our program.

Q. What happens once I submit my adoption application?

A. After we look over your application, we will talk with you on the phone about the dog you’d like to adopt, and tell you more about any of his or her special needs. Then, we will do a home check. A home check is done by a Noah’s Ark Society member in your area; it helps ensure that the dog you’re selecting is the right fit for you, and gives you the opportunity to ask any additional questions you have about rescue.

Q. Do you adopt to outdoor homes?

A. We base our home decisions on what is best for the individual dog. Different dogs have different levels of indoor access needs. However, we require all dogs to be considered indoor with outdoor privileges. The amount of indoor time required is variable.

Q. If I adopt a registered dog from Noah’s Ark can I show or breed that dog?

A. All dogs adopted out through Noah’s Ark Society are spayed or neutered. If you wish to show your dog or compete in agility or other competitions, the AKC has a special alternative registration program for rescue dogs that has all the rights and priviledges of a traditional registration. Your adoption coordinator can help assist you with getting this registration processed.


Q. What do you feed the dogs in rescue?

A. We base our feeding choices off of the needs of the dogs. Some dogs need high potassium diets, some grain free. We provide food assistance for our foster homes that require it, other foster homes simply feed their foster dog what they feed their own dogs. When you are matched to a dog we will discuss any special requirements with food or medications and give directions on how to transition your dog to a new diet as seamlessly as possible.

Q. If I adopt a dog can it be delivered?

A. We prefer all adopters to meet their dog in person, however with some adoptions, this is not always possible. If you are adopting long distance (which is only possible if we have a site visitor in your area), you will be responsible for all transportation costs for the dog. This includes ground or air transport fee ($125-$250) and in some cases a health certificate fee of $50. If we have to provide a crate for the transport we will purchase a new crate that will stay with the dog as it is transported, but the actual cost will be added to the adoption fee.

Q. Can you recommend an veterinarian?

A. We have vets listed on our links and referrals page.

Q. I live out of state, can you adopt to me?

A. Possibly. A site visit is required for ALL adoptions, so it depends on if we have a site visitor volunteer in your area. If the adoption does not work out, you will also be responsible for bringing your adopted dog back.

Q. What is your minimum age requirement for adoption?

We adopt to individuals age 21 and over. For Bull Terrier type dogs, we adopt to individuals age 24 and over.

Q. Why are the adoption requirements different for Bull Terriers than other breeds?

In many areas of our country unscrupulous people utilize Bull Terrier dogs for dog fighting. Dog fighting is a felony, but it goes on undetected and in many instances unprosecuted. Further, many communities, and even the Armed Services of the United States have instituted Breed Specific Legislation. Noah’s Ark Society is 100% opposed to BSL, however, it creates a level of endangerment to Bull Terriers in our communities. Because of these issues, we have an extra layer of diligence in processing applications for our Bull Terriers for the sole purpose of insuring that they are going to livelong homes where they will be cherished pets in a safe environment.