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Carter — Coming Soon to the Ark!

Hi! My name is Carter, and I’m a labrador-sharpei pup looking for my forever home! I’m a mischievous little booger who loves to cuddle and play. I love, love, love to be outside, and could spend hours wandering the yard, but when I’m tired, I’m ready to plunk down next to you and take a good long snooze. I know I’m cute, but I promise to use that for good and not for evil. Like all my siblings, I’m happy around kids, adults and other dogs, but don’t have much experience around cats. I would love to be a part of your family!



Hey there! My name is The Ham or, less formally as Hambone, Boo Boo, and Boo Boo Head. I am a 3 year old male grey/blue Staffordshire mix that loves being around people and other dogs. especially females and non-alpha males. My best friend is a female dog named Pipa who weighs about 6 lbs. We are a funny looking duo since people often describe me as a 65 lb “muscle ball.” Almost every day, people stop their cars to take a moment to tell me how handsome I am, what a big head I have, or how cool I look. It’s pretty fun. A couple of other things about me: I love going on walks and running a few miles. I am very athletic and like living an active life. I am housebroken, know how to sit and stay, and people tell me that I am very smart and loyal. My vet tells me I am in very good health but I do have a seizure disorder. Fortunately, it is controlled well by some fairly cheap medication. I hope I get to meet you!




Hi, my name is Nelson! I’m a sweet male pitfall mix who loves to play with other dogs. I’m house-trained and smart, just looking for my forever home!


If you’re looking for a sweet and fun loving dog, look no further! I’m your pup! My name is Buddy and I’m a hound/lab mix I can’t want to find my new forever home. My last owners moved and left my friend and I tied up in the backyard. Animal Control took my friend but the nice neighbors next door asked if they could try to find a home for me. My life hasn’t been easy – I’m a little over three years old and I’ve spent all of that time tied up outside. It’s been very hard for me to trust my friends who have been watching over me because my old owners weren’t kind to me most of the time. I’m very skinny but I’ve been getting lots of good food the last few days. I’m also skittish but once I see that you’ll love me and treat me kindly, I’m all about playing fetch and giving kisses! I’ve started to cuddle with my new friends and I just know I’d love to live in a nice warm house with a wonderful new family. I haven’t been aggressive or unkind, just very hesitant (especially around men). Since I have been left to fend for myself, I would rather have my family to myself. I love to be active, but I like cuddling as well, and I am low heart worm positive, but I’m being treated for that. If you think that you can gently show me the love and kindness I need and deserve, I’d love to meet you!
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