Adoptable Dogs

Dakota — PENDING


“Dakota loves you already—

and you’ve only just

met through a picture.”


This little bat is really a dog. She is stout and she is sweet and she’d be up for a jog.

Patient and kind with a face like a dove Yes, this little bat is ready to love!

So open your heart to this smooshable face.

And make room on your couch ‘cause she needs a new place.

Dakota is the sweetest, loving girl who has the sweetest teddy bear eyes and the most trusting/loyal personality is the pup you want in your life. She is approximately 1 ½ years old. She is crate trained, leash trained and house trained.

Reach out to or fill out our adoption questionnaire and come meet Dakota today!

Louise — ADOPTED

My momma speaks the truth, I would love to stay with her, but if the right family is out there, we might need to cut the apron strings.  Just like my momma, I love people, and I am very gentle with children and all other animals. I have learned to love everyone and everything. I may only be 1, and have short legs, but I can walk a mean mile or two. The nice people who saved us, have spayed and micro chipped us, so we don’t get lost again.

Being a doxie mix, and weighing in at only 18 pds, I won’t take up much space on your couch or bed. The best part is, I just heard a story that there are over 34 stores nationwide, that you can bring me to, so you won’t be alone.

If you want to meet me or my momma, contact the wonderful people at or fill out our adoption questionnaire

Thelma — ADOPTED

I’m Thelma and have been around for about 2 yrs now. I love my daughter, and would love to stay with her, but she is growing into her very own young lady and would hate to hold her back. But, if you were looking to add 2 beautiful girls to your family, who have a gentle disposition, we get along with all people, (I can sometimes be seen pulling your hand over to me, because you started to play on your phone, and I just wasn’t done with love yet.) Haven’t meet a feline we don’t like and what can I say about those canines…LOVE them.

If you want to meet Thelma or Louise contact or fill out our adoption questionnaire

Callie — PENDING


I’m sweet, sassy and playful.  I’m a little shy, I do not kiss on the first date.  Ok, that’s not exactly true, sometimes I DO kiss on the first date.

Sometimes a human walks in and I just instantly know they are “ok” and when that happens, I am your girl.  I’ll sit on your lap, look lovingly into your eyes and … yes, give you kisses.  I just love when that happens.  But, sometimes I can be shy too.  Sometimes I need time to warm up, but I’m never ever mean.  I don’t have a mean bone in my body – just shy, timid bones.  So, I might hide if I’m unsure about you.

Basically I’m looking for a human who understands me and my needs.  My needs include a person who will be patient with me if I need a little time to warm up.  Other needs include stuffed toys and loads of them.  I just love playing with toys (and I need lots of them because my favorite thing is to destroy them!!).

Let’s see I like kids, but I prefer the ones who are above the screaming age – all that crying makes me a nervous wreck!  (So let’s say 5+).  I enjoy other dogs and play nicely with my foster siblings.  Cats, ewwww.  I do not enjoy cats.  People with cats, onto the next profile!

I was pulled from a shelter because I was not doing well there.  All the barking and loud noises were absolutely terrifying. They say I came to the shelter as “skin and bones” (let’s just say, I had a rough beginning).  I’ve been living with my foster mom for a long time now and she has really helped me fatten up.  She says I am a very good girl.  I’m very loyal to her and I play nicely with her dogs.  It’s been wonderful living with her, but now I’m ready to find a family of my very own.  So, who’s ready to meet me?  Who loves a shy, sweet, loving and loyal girl?  Because that’s me – Callie.



Matthew is a sweet, large white-spotted cattle mix that came to Noah’s Ark Society along with another dog (Dolly). Sadly, their owner passed away and the family could not take care of them. He is between 10-12 years old, but he looks great for his age. Most people would probably guess he wasn’t more than 7.

He is a little shy and unsure when he first meets someone, but he warms up to people quickly.

He adores being petted and is just generally a very sweet, loving dog. He gets along well with other dogs, cats and children.

Matthew enjoys going on walks and has fair leash manners. His ideal forever home would be the one that would take him places and continues building his confidence for unfolding his full potential.

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