Aspen – ADOPTED!!


If you like to have a lap cat, Aspen is your girl. She loves to snuggle up with her siblings or parents, but seeks out a human companion whenever one is around. Aspen enjoys running around and playing like any kitten. However, she is usually the first to head for a nap. When her foster mom comes in, Aspen is on the couch with her almost as soon as she can.

Aspen was the smallest in the litter when she was born, but has caught up with her sisters. She is a gray tabby, distinguished by what looks like a little number 2 on her forehead.

Aspen is such a sweetie and would love to find a warm spot in your home!


Birch – ADOPTED!!!


Birch is the big boy of the Kitten Quartet. He loves to play with his sisters and be the one to show them the ropes. Birch is always up for an adventure! He seems quite fearless, approaching most new things with only a slight bit of caution. Birch doesn’t sit still much, but he does curl up with his mama or dad or sisters whenever one of them lays down for a nap.

Birch is unique in so many ways. He is a bobtail, like his mama. And, his three sisters are gray tabbies, but Birch is more of a calico, also like his mom. His hind legs are pure white, and he looks a bit like a bunny when he is running to pounce on a toy. Birch is quite a cutie!

Shhh, don’t tell his sisters, but Birch has been the favorite. So, if you’re looking for a super-fun kitten, be quick to be the first one in line!



Mika – ADOPTED!!!

Welcome Mika into your heart and home! This is one absolutely lovely cat! Mika is a calico Japanese bobtail with gorgeous eyes that will make you fall in love with her.

At around a year old, Mika has already had quite a life. She was abandoned as a kitten when her owners moved.  Some neighbors cared for her and her mate, Hemingway, while the two lived outside for a few months. They temporary caregivers found Noah’s Ark and a foster family to take both cats. Within two hours of arriving at the new foster home, Mika gave birth to four healthy kittens.

Mika has been an amazing mama. She is so sweet with her babies and has taken great care of them. She is now spayed, and she is ready to find a home where she will be loved and appreciated. Mika likes to play, but she is a pretty mellow kitty – maybe because she spends so much energy caring for her kittens!  

Come meet Mika and you won’t want to leave without her in your arms!

Follow this link to adopt Gertrude!


Hemingway – ADOPTED!!!

Meet Hemingway!

Hemingway came to Noah’s Ark Society with his pregnant sister. They were found together, abandoned when their owner moved. Hemingway endeared himself to his temporary caregiver with his loving and playful attitude. He will easily melt your heart, too! He truly is an amazing, unusual cat. He is polydactyl (like the original Hemingway cat), with seven toes on each of his front paws. And none of the aloof cat persona for him – he enjoys being a lap cat. However, he is only nine months old, so he still enjoys a lot of playing. Hemingway gets along great with other cats (he was quite a cuddler with his sister before she had her babies), and he hasn’t been scared of the dog at his foster home. Once you meet Hemingway, you will definitely want him to be a part of your life!


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