Cat Adoption Questionnaire

Welcome to Noah’s Ark Society’s adoption program. We request the following information so that we can assist you in the selection of a new cat. This form and a consultation with a Noah’s Ark Society representative are designed to help you find the cat most compatible with your lifestyle. Please mail this form to Noah’s Ark Society, P.O. Box 158159, Nashville, TN 37215, or email it to

To be considered as an adopter, you must:
• Be 21 years of age or older
• Have identification showing your present address
• Have the knowledge and consent of your landlord and/or your Home Owner’s Association (if applicable)
• Be able and willing to spend the time and money necessary to provide medical treatment and proper care of the cat

Completion of this **questionnaire does not guarantee adoption of a Noah’s Ark Society cat. Please print legibly and complete all three pages. Thank you!

* Indicates Response Required
**Courtesy of Best Friends Animal Society.

  • (Include age, sex, and breed.)
  • (Please check all that apply.)