Board of Directors

lori elam: founder/president

photo(365)My personal passions are found in family, friends, nature, and the love of the outdoors. It’s no surprise then that animals are a significant part of my life.

My animal rescue roots began when I moved to Nashville. The first two weeks I was living in Nashville, I lost both of my dogs, Mandy and Meisha. I was lucky enough to find Meisha, but never recovered Mandy…my baby! Obviously I was heartbroken, but as the saying goes…”something good always comes from something bad…”—and so it did

While looking for Mandy, I found a wonderful group of animal rescuers who essentially helped me discover my calling. These selfless individuals who regularly gave generously both of their money and time to help save the cast-offs of society were Nashville’s animal rescue community–and I knew I was home.

A group of us decided that we could best contribute to the unwanted pet population by starting an organization called Nashville Animal Rescue Co-Op. The mission of this organization was to collect and distribute donations to small, struggling pet-rescue organizations—often run by single individuals whose time and energy were so devoted to helping animals in need that they had few resources left over to campaign for funds themselves.

The mission of the Nashville Animal Rescue Co-op eventually evolved into a full-fledged animal rescue charter complete with a brand new name, The Noah’s Ark Society. While Noah’s Ark Society continued to work in synergy with other local animal rescue groups, we also began to offer a full range of services to the community including a foster network, TNR program, equine/livestock rescue division etc.

As I look to tomorrow, I am extremely proud of the work we have all done and continue to do in Nashville’s animal rescue community, and I highly encourage you to get involved to help create a world with no more homeless pets.  After all—

“Animals are not our whole life, but they make our lives whole.”

Feel free to connect with Lori anytime at with questions, concerns, or to find out more about Noah’s Ark Society’s mission.

Sophie Hall: assistant to president/marketing foster/coordinator for ohio division

sophieSophie has always had a strong passion for animals. Before connecting with Noah’s Ark Society, Sophie donated any money she could to animal rescue charities in the Chicago area, where she is originally from.  In 2011, Sophie met Lori Elam in Nashville, who helped her adopt her first canine love, Baby.  It was then that she became actively involved with animal rescue and started working closely with Lori at Noah’s Ark Society.  Sophie has fostered numerous dogs until adoption and knows first hand the joys and challenges that foster families face.

Currently, Sophie is Noah’s Ark Society’s Foster Manager, where she recruits new fosters in and out of state.  She stays connected with fosters weekly to make sure all food, medications, and supplies have been provided to the fosters.  She also serves as one of Noah’s Ark Society’s Adoption Coordinators, making sure dogs are placed into the best homes possible, while also helping to manage Noah’s Ark Society’s marketing and social media needs.  You can find Sophie traveling to Nashville from out of state helping to run the massive Paws On The Pavement fundraisers that happen 3 times a year.

Sophie knows first hand the joys of being a foster parent, and can not only help you in your decision to become one yourself, but she is there for you any time you need her for support and communication during your foster experience.

Feel free to connect with Sophie anytime at with questions, concerns, or to find out more about Noah’s Ark Society’s mission.

Lisa Crawford: VP of Administration

Lisa & Bella PBAD 2012Lisa Crawford is an avid animal lover, growing up with numerous pets and rescuing injured birds, mice, etc. along the way. She did what she could to help rescues and humane societies in small ways over the last 25 years as time and an active family allowed.  Now that her children are grown and numerous rescue dogs of her own later, she realized she couldn’t give every dog a home but still wanted to do more.  Our own “crazy pit bull lady” and “foster failure queen,” Lisa and her husband share their home with 6 rescued pit bulls and 5 rescued Jack Russell terriers.

Lisa is a paralegal and brings her OCD tendencies and organizational skills to our VP of Administration position.  She is pictured here with one of her rescued pit bulls, Bella Marie.